We are excited to offer a comprehensive suite of insurance products for the alcoholic beverage industry. We are working with an insurance carrier that can provide insurance for all your business needs. Liquor liability, general liability, workers’ compensation, equipment breakdown, bonds and more, all with one carrier.

Whether you are a BrewPub, craft Distillery or regional brewery we can handle your business with one carrier and one program.

We understand it takes time and a unique blend of ingredients to make the perfect spirits. That is why we have used our specialized underwriting experience and professional service to provide the best comprehensive insurance product you can get.

Take less time managing your business and more time enjoying what you do.

In most states there are only a few insurance policies that are required by law. Liquor Liability is one of them. If you are selling alcoholic beverages to the public you are required to have this coverage.

Sometimes called “Trip” insurance. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Coverage for your product while it’s on the road in route. It’s important to know that an auto insurance policy does not cover the product while in the vehicle. Don’t let someone else’s careless driving ruin product.

CBI is a coverage not talked about enough. This coverage is designed to cover your loss income resulting from you supplier. Consider this; the “hops” supplier you have been using suffers a large fire that destroys his supply. You could be stuck scrambling and worse case not get enough supplies to full fill your orders.


Take a few minutes and send us your requirements and we will be back with a solution.