Also known as Liability Insurance. The purpose of all liability policies is to protect your assets. This insurance provides coverage for you when someone else gets hurt or their property gets damaged. If you or your business were to get sued for injury or property damage, your liability insurance can help with legal costs and payouts if you are found legally responsible.

Liability Insurance provides protection to your assets for you or your business when committing a negligent act.

What’s difficult is knowing how much insurance to purchase. You never know because you never expect it. Our approach is to create awareness of your exposures and the cost to provide limits that you feel are adequate.

In the construction, manufacturing and retail industries, product liability is a leading area of litigation and claims. In order for this coverage to kick in, a product or you operations must injure or cause physical damage to a third party away from your place of business.

Understanding what you and your company are doing is paramount to how your insurance policy is set up and rated. Most businesses will have several different types of revenue generating operations, and we will take that information and break down so you will how each operation can be rated differently on your policy keeping premiums where they belong.

Do you offer a professional service? Also known as Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance. Examples of common professional occupations are lawyers and doctors. But realtors, your insurance agent even your IT guy needs professional liability. Professional Liability Insurance provides financial protection from individuals and businesses that claim you failed to provide promised services or made an oversight that cost them a financial burden.

Regardless of merit in most claims, your coverage pays for your legal defense as well as any judgements of settlements that you or your business may have to pay to compensate the suing party.

You cannot watch the news without hearing about a corporation’s customer files being breached and some huge number of social security numbers and credit card numbers were stolen. Cyber Liability can provide valuable coverage to help protect businesses from third-party liability and first-party risks associated with data privacy and network security, including hackers, malicious software, rogue employees, hardware theft and more.

In 2013 the average cost per lost record was $188 for a total of $5.4 million in the US alone. Cyber Liability covers the cost of notifying your customers and providing them with additional identity protection services.

One of the fastest growing areas of lawsuits are employee-initiated lawsuits alleging discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and other related accusations. As recently as three years ago, there were 99,000 claims in the USA. The average cost to defend an EPLI suit is $45,000 and the average jury award is $342,000. Whether you have 1 employee or 350 you never want to get into a “he said, she said” situation.

Many of our Employment Practice Liability Insurance programs also provide access to Human Resource helplines and online document portals. When people are involved, it’s inevitable that something will go wrong. Let trained experts guide you and defend you if and when the situation arises.


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