Our founder David Young started working with specialty excess liability coverages back in 1971. Since then we have developed several unique insurance programs making us a leading insurance provider in many areas. In 2001 we became the #1 provider of insurance for Mobility Equipment Dealership Insurance.

Our ideas are to keep customers doing what they love to do. We provide superior customer service and high quality insurance products.

All through the 80’s we saw a consistent need for a nationwide insurance program for businesses that were modifying vehicles for the handicapped. We were able to make agreements with AIG and in 1997 we rolled out the first of its kind the Mobility Equipment Dealers Insurance Program. By 2001 we became the #1 provider. This wonderful industry has made great advances. Up until the early 2000’s each dealership modified its own vehicles, which included moving gas tanks and building in ramps. Now most vehicles are made in manufacturing factories with high quality standards and greatly improving the safety of the vehicles thus reducing the liability risk to the dealerships.

Our Mobility Equipment Dealers Program has also changed over the years to reflect the dealership exposures. Since 2008 we have been working with QBE Insurance and have had great success both from a cost effective and broad coverage standpoint. Our consistency and customer service are above all else and allows our insureds to do what they love…help people with physical needs.

As the handicapped Accessible vehicle industry has developed the need for great awareness of products has become more and more prevalent. Hand Controls are no longer being made by each dealership, they are now being manufactured. This is a great improvement for the end users. We take 20 years of accessible industry knowledge to accurately gauge the exposures to develop a comprehensive manufactures insurance program.

Take the insurance guessing work out of your operations. We are the number #1 provider of insurance for a national franchise that specializes installing stair-lifts, platform lifts, ramps and many products providing the mobility solution to their customers. Whether just installing ramps or grab bars, we know how to track your cost so that the premiums are accurately rated.

It’s important to know the differences between a non modified vehicle and a vehicle modified for the handicapped. Many personal auto policies limit the coverage for the vehicle. A handicapped accessible minivan can cost up to $100,000. And standard auto policies only cover the cost for the original vehicle chassis, which is around $35,000. This shortage should never happen.

We have taken great lengths to work with each customer and the insurance company to make sure they understand the true cost and use of the vehicle. Each policy is tailored to include the chassis value plus the cost to replace the mobility equipment inside the vehicle.

Our policies will continue to provide the Freedom you’ve come to enjoy with your wheelchair accessible vehicle.


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